Friday, January 13, 2012

Another Milestone

After much anticipation, Haylee took and passed her driver's test. We enrolled her in Driver's Education and it was the best decision. She was a quick study and on April 4th, she took her right of passage into the driving world. We then had to head to the dreaded DMV to make it legal. Doesn't she look so thrilled with me taking her picture? I love embarrassing her!
Smile for the camera Haylee, you need a cute pic on your license.
Yes, she is blind, and has to wear "correctional lenses" according to her license.
Posing in front of the DMV with her new license. I was actually trying to stall because Aaron and I wanted to surprise her with the truck we bought for her to drive. I had it parked in the lot and I walked her over to a cute little blue Ford Ranger and handed her the key.
Her smile, trying not to look too surprised at the truck.
Posing at home, love how her sweatshirt matches the truck.Watch out world, Haylee is on the road!!

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